Who we are

Chris Zimmermann

Mari-Klara Stein

Daniel Hardt

Ravi Vatrapu

Michele Colombo

External Lecturer


Associate Professor


Associate Professor




Research Assistant


Data Visualization, Social Media Analytics

Human Emotions

Natural Language Processing

Social Media, Set Theory



We would like to thank Copenhagen Business School and the Department of Digitalization for making this tool possible. In partiucalr, the CBS BIT-LAB, the BM PhD School, and the Danish Innovation's Fund for financial support to our endeavours.

We are also grateful to the hundreds of students who volunteered their time for usability testing, as well as the tremendous data collection by Rasmus Olesen and Christian Charity. We must also thank Stephen Few, Alberto Cairo and Andy Kirk for their expert advice, guidance and training in the field of data visualization towards the development of this design artifact.

Finally we would like to recognize the many people who offered their time in collaborating and dissiminating this research effort.

Research guidance and dissimination opportunities:

  • Oliver Müller (ITU), Text Mining, NLP

  • Chee-wee Tan (CBS), Human Behaviour

  • Bernardo Huberman (HP Labs), Sentiment Analysis

  • Jan Pries-Heje (Roskilde University), Design Science

  • Matti Rossi (Aalto University), Action Design Research

  • Bill Kettinger (University of Memphis), Information Systems

  • Ahmed Abassi (Univeristy of Virginia), Machine Learning, NLP

  • Scott Robertson (University of Hawaii), Human-Computer Interaction

  • Izak Benbasset (University of British Columbia), Information Systems

Agency partners and corporate collaborations

  • Mindjumpers APS

  • Advice, AS

  • Manawell, Aps

  • Wunderman